Thursday 3 March 2022

Happiness - Lisha Soni

Happiness is the opposite of sadness. It is an emotion and a feeling of being happy. When our soul is happy, we also will be satisfied. And its pure vibes naturally come from our hearts. Happiness is a source to live a life satisfying. Happiness can lead to robust mental health and can keep you physically fit. Helping someone makes us happy and refreshes our minds. 

Once in my colony, I was standing on my house balcony and seeing people roaming here and there a poor old man came. He was looking hungry, sad, and suffering from a cold. I went and asked him, " What happened to you don't have a shelter to live a happy life. " He said, " Child, I don't have anything. There is no one of mine in this world." I talked to him. He also talked about his sad story, and I listened to him. Then I gave something like food and a sweater and some clothes and slippers. He gave me lots of blessings, and he got happiness. If we spread joy, we will also bring pleasure.

Name: Lisha Soni
Grade: X A
The Fabindia School

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