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A pencil's friends - Rishona Chopra

Hi! I am a pencil. A rather big one. I am yellow in colour and am grand and cute.  

I used to stay with two of my best friends, ' Eraser and Tip'. Eraser was red in colour and was so adorable. She used to sit on my back, and I loved it. Tip was black in colour and very sharp and used to sit in front of my face. They both were my true friends but now are gone!

My owner, no, my enemy took of Eraser from my back and tore him! How cruel. She sharpened Tip so much that he died! And without them, I was nothing at all, and now I am in the dustbin, telling you my sad story.

See how friends for life together with help us to write! Together as a team, they help us to do so many things!

We should be friends like a pencil who care and feel for each other!

Rishona Chopra
Grade V
Gyanshree School