Thursday 31 March 2022

The School Bell - Yashraj Sharma

A school bell! The sound can sound carking in the morning to start our day, but the same sound can sound melodious to end our day. The school bell makes a different sound in our ears every other time we hear it, even though it is the same sound every time. 

The adrenaline rush after every period is different. Sometimes, we are very excited about the next period, while sometimes, we are not so much.

Without bells in schools, it will be pretty challenging to maintain an order of the class hours and recess timings and control these; the sound of a bell is the best way. The school bell acts as a stimulus for us and helps us get ready for the next period.

Not only the school bell but many bell sounds play throughout our daily schedule like a temple bell, doorbell, water alarming bell, wind chimes hanging at the windowpane in our houses. Each and every bell creates so many different feelings in us…..

My mom wakes me up every day for school…but in my Nani's house, I wake up to morning prayers and bells. It's so refreshing and calming.

It is indeed true that a sweet little bell has different melodies and is so significant. 

Yashraj Sharma

Grade 8

Gyanshree school, Noida

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