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Fun - Aria Gupta

"You don't stop playing because you get old. You get old because you stop playing".

I think everybody likes to have fun more than work. But why are some things fun while others are not? Work may be stressful and create anxiety, while fun is full of joy. One way to make work fun is to forget all that stress and anxiety; instead, think about the joy you feel when you're having fun. Another way to make work fun is to gamify it. For example, if you have to finish tons of homework, I make a fairy list for all the assignments. After doing one, you may ask an imaginary fairy to grant a wish, a small one like watching TV for 30 minutes or playing with your friends for an hour. Fun is compelling in motivation, so you should add some fun to work.  

Aria Gupta

Grade IV-F

Gyanshree School


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