Monday 7 March 2022

Gratitude - Miraya Bhatia

You might think gratitude and attitude are the same coincidentally, they even rhyme but they both are extremely different. Attitude is the opposite of gratitude.

Gratitude means to be grateful whereas attitude means to be rude. I have gratitude but I also show attitude when I am upset. A lot of people show an attitude when they are angry and even when they are happy as they want to make other people jealous but I will always be grateful and show gratitude to my friends. I don’t care if anyone is showing me attitude and trying to make me jealous and we must always remember that life is a cycle. You might have heard, “What goes comes back to you” and it is right if you show attitude to your friends they will show you the attitude that you gave them and the same for gratitude.

Miraya Bhatia
Grade IV
Gyanshree School

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