Why Go To School ? - Anvesha Rana

All of us go to school, where we learn and grow. Most of us love to go there, some don’t, and others just despise the idea of a school, but do we even know the latent purpose of the place we have been attending since our childhood? Many believe that schools are where students study, but they are beyond that. Schools are abodes of knowledge where students learn under the direction of teachers. Schools are more than academics. They are about encouraging sports, promoting service and initiating skill. The real purpose should ignite lifelong curiosity and make every child a lifelong learner. If any person has the will to learn, the fire to know, and the desire to succeed, they are unstoppable. 

A School should value each child who knocks at the door to seek knowledge. The school should not become a matter of marks, subjects or grades. Instead, it should be a journey for each individual to mould themselves into perfect works of art to discover their true identity and passion. Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever. If we start taking an interest in daily education, not just in school but outside the school boundaries, utilize life as much as we can, we will never miss an opportunity to learn something new. Be it a new dish, a new skill, a new dance, a new craft, etc., the passion for knowing everything will always run in us, which is when passion will meet education.

Schools are not just for students to discover their true self; some teachers can also realize their self-creation at schools. Teaching is one of the most beautiful professions, where students never run out of questions and teachers always have an excellent reply to each one. Happy teachers are one of the most integral aspects of making a Good School. Educators and teachers also launch themselves on a path of self-discovery whilst providing education to many.  

All schools have different visions, missions and philosophies. For instance, Shanti Niketan, a school by Rabindranath Tagore, had a task for education for better concept clarity and understanding of topics. It was a different school and was one of the best in its league. Similarly, schools should stand out with some striking features, making parents choose them for their children. 

To sum it all up, a school is not just a brick-and-mortar structure but a haven of knowledge, safety, friendship, learning, and happiness. School is an environment for improvement, which any individual can create within themselves through ‘ The School Of Life.’

Anvesha Rana, 
Grade 10 - B, 
Gyanshree School


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