Sunday 20 February 2022

Be the change - Yashraj Sharma

People always want change. They say, “I wish I could change this”, or “I wish I could change that, etc. To be honest, even I do think that sometimes. Many great personalities took the first step toward a significant change.

Let me tell you about one of my experiences-

A few years ago, I used to play online games and eventually became quite addicted to them. My society friends started calling me to play with them. Those games distracted me from my studies to quite an extent. When I got some idle time, I used to start playing games. 

But after some time, I started noticing that my younger sister also started playing some other games and got addicted to them. I told her to stop playing or at least reduce the time she used to play. She told me that even if I play for hours, why should she stop playing. I felt terrible for her and myself. So, I decided to reduce my gaming time and only play on weekends. I started doing that, and my sister followed too! That day I imbibed two life lessons “Youngsters do indeed learn from elders” and “To be the change I want to see in others.” 

In conclusion, as they say, “Charity begins at home”, so we need to take the first step towards making a change…

Yashraj Sharma
Grade: VII
Gyanshree School


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