Sunday 2 October 2022

A Unique Gandhi Jayanti - Oshi Singh

Happy Birthday to the father of the nation resting in heaven! MK Gandhi has taught us many virtues like Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Brahmacharya, and many more. He taught us all these great values by not only speaking but by doing and reflecting on them through his actions, like a great leader should. This second October, we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti every year, but what's new? You're just sitting at home yearly, probably watching television, relaxing. Probably Netflix and chilling. But come on, why are you wasting your time when you can do these 3 awesome things to learn more about Bapu and have a fun day ahead! 

1. I believe how a person dresses speaks a lot about them? And if we look at Bapu's clothing, it was pretty simple a white dhoti and a pair of sandals. According to me the white clothes symbolises his pure heart and simplicity towards life but do you know why Gandhiji wore that dhoti? Do you think it was fashionable back then? Those who do well you're wrong! That dhoti was made up of khadi fibre which bapu spinned himself using the charkha. This was to boycott the dependency of Indians on Britishers and become self-sufficient and independent. 

2. Books and old artefacts are a great and fun way to get to know more about the history. Furthermore why don't you visit a museum this Gandhi Jayanti to learn more about the independence struggle faced by our fellow Indian brothers and sisters. Maybe you could visit the National Gandhi Museum and Library or The Swatantrata Sangram Sangrahalaya. 

3. Who doesn't know Gandhiji ke teen bandar. See No Evil - Bura Na Dekho, Speak No Evil - Bura Na Bolo and Hear No Evil - Bura Na Suno. Why don't you play a game with your friends to test each other's knowledge about the teen bandar? The minimum number of players should be 4 out of which 3 will be the bandar and one will be the speaker. You will need three glasses, headphones and a small cloth or scarf to wrap around your mouth. The speaker will call out some phrases and the participants will need to choose the correct action for each spoken phrase. The fastest and the one with the most number of points wins!

These were some ways you could use to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti a little differently this year! 

Oshi Singh 
Gyanshree School 

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