The Story of A Spider - Diva Gupta

Greetings! Oh! I didn’t mean to scare you! I am a spider. I move from house to house, trying to build my web in a fixed location but these humans obliterate me. They wreck my home every time! 

I made a beautiful web once, attractive enough to win an a award. But then this human came and swiped it away with a broom like it was nothing! She almost killed me as I was sitting peacefully in my silk web. I swung on my silk thread to an open window and escaped. But not everyone is so destructive and mean. 

Most people are afraid of me. They think I am disgusting and throw me away like I’m some sort of trash. But no matter what they say, I’m living too! I have feelings, just like any other living being. I don’t know why they think my appearance is scary or why they run away when they see me in my comfortable silk web

Diva Gupta Grade VI Gyanshree School


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