Wednesday 12 October 2022

Your Hypothetical Me - Reveda Bhatt

Who am I? Reveda

Well, you knew that.

But seriously, if you think you know who I am, just read forward and believe me, in the end, you wouldn’t be sure.

Okay, let’s talk about the ME in your perspective.

To those who think I am very sweet and all that, see, you’ve never seen my darker side.

To those who think I am the one who always wilts the corner of her lip, being sad, well, maybe you didn’t give me a chance to smile.

To those who think I’m the obedient one, sorry but you’ve not seen my mischiefs.

To those who think I’m as hard as a rock, maybe you’ve never seen me break down.

So, all I am saying is DON’T CREATE AN OPINION ABOUT ME because I’m not the bird who’ll be happy and fulfilling in that particular cage of yours, I am the one which flies high in the limitless sky owing no boundaries. Either way, if I come out of that cage, which I will, it’ll hurt you and make you think, reframing-believe, that what you knew was only a bit of my soul. Please know that if I’m acting distinctly with you than before, it’s not because of the change in my nature but because of the change in yours. Maybe there’s something in you that made me change, change as in care a little less or not care at all. 

If you don’t like the way I am,

I don’t give a damn.

If I like myself,

You are no one in the heck to change me,

In fact, you can’t even try to.

If you like the way I am,

Please stop yourself from that,

Because when I change my colour, I don’t want anyone to tell me that it was better before.

It’s my life, so if you want to come into it in the dark, keep in mind that the torch is in my hand and you are nobody to turn it around or switch it off!

Reveda Bhatt
Grade IX
The Aryan School, Dehradun


  1. Wow Reveda, it's such an incredible write-up and so true!

  2. I love everything you write but this is my favourite!


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