Sunday 2 October 2022

Act With Humility, Defeat Ego - Rishona Chopra

You love modesty; you hate artificialness. You do your best to be humble. Yet your ego and pride show their strength from time to time. Does this happen? Sometimes we don't realize what our stubborn ego is up to. The problem could be as fundamental as not knowing what ego is. Any image which is not our true identity is ego. It is when we make something we have acquired as our identity.

Our qualification, position, skill, relation, religion or caste - when we make any of these our identity, we play our roles based on this identity. We expect others to behave accordingly to us. Every time you act with humility, your ego gets defeated. 

At the same time, Appreciation for others shows your modesty and humbleness. Instead of thinking about ourselves, we appreciate other person's efforts. Humility and Appreciation build a good relationship between peers, two base values of a healthy classroom. Values like cooperation and respect come in when we have the base of humility ready.

Humility is that rare value that we hardly find in people today. Simple gestures like holding the door for someone else or picking up someone else's belongings show humility. It demonstrates that you do not consider these actions small or petty. Humility is not thinking less about yourself. Instead, it is about thinking of yourself as less. We don't have to stop thinking about ourselves, but we must stop thinking of ourselves as more significant than all because we are equal in many terms. We should treat others the way we wish to be treated. I believe in life, we all need to be humble, and it is the only way to peace, happiness, and success because humility is, after all, the mother of all virtues and beings. It is the supreme power. Humility is essential in the classroom; it teaches us to be able and kind to all around us, our peers and teachers. Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

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