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When my mentor left me - Gaurangi Rastogi

When your teacher, who helped you as a friend to fight your pain to become successful, is like you, You can talk to them about anything. Who made your worst subjects interesting. My role model is going on a new journey. 

Okay! So, I'm going to tell you my feelings about this scenario in points.

  • When you hear the news, you think of it as a rumour and ignore it for a few weeks.

  • When the news comes out to be true, you simply are in shock. 

  • Now, if you want to make a remembrance for them, you can make it from any material you find. 

  • You decorate it with your words and feelings. 

You Know, I am writing this just to express my feelings. This is an important lesson I learnt from my mentor to ‘ express your heart’ in any form. 

Gaurangi Rastogi 

Class VII 

The Doon Girls’ School


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