Sunday 30 October 2022

The Art of Giving - Rishona Chopra


When God blesses you financially, don't raise your standard of living. Raise your standard of giving. - Mark Batterson 

It is true what Mark Batterson has said, we should give not only when we are rich in our everyday lives, we should raise our standard of giving, it may not be just giving money, even giving a toy to a person who needs it or a book is an act of giving too! 

A small act of giving could mean everything to a person. Giving not only makes the other person happy but also makes us happy. As said,' make others happy, and you will be satisfied in the same way give and give, and you will feel better.

Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest people in the world, still has a kind, generous heart. When we are super rich or famous, we tend to become more competitive, and while doing that, we sometimes forget about the value of giving. Giving did no harm to Bill Gates; he has succeeded as a better human being. This doesn't mean we only offer when we are super-rich; we can provide as we wish.

We can give hope, love and happiness, and that is, in fact, faithful giving. When we give, we shouldn't expect the same from a person. We should give from our hearts.

At Christmas, we receive gifts but have we ever thought that instead of receiving, we should give more and buy things, not for us but others in need. If we can not afford it, it makes no sense to buy things for us until we need them. There is a tremendous difference between want and need. When we want something, we don't really need them; when we need them, we want to use them properly. So on Christmas, we should give and not take, and we should give it in such a way that we do not mind if the other offers a return gift. 

Giving is a sense of happiness and pleasure. Making someone smile makes your day smile.

Rishona Chopra 
Grade VI 
Gyanshree School

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