Sunday 30 October 2022

Letter to the President of India - Tenzing Dhekyong

Tenzing Dhekyong
My Good School

Date: 30/10/22

Her Excellency Droupadi Murmu
President of India
Rashtrapati Bhavan
New Delhi - 110 004

@MurmuDraupadi via Twitter

Dear Madam

Don't you think our children in this society are not so good and confident in communication skills?.

I would love to introduce "MY GOOD SCHOOL". I am still a student here and liked it very much since I learned many things through this. So I wish all could come and learn something on this platform. It improves the skills of listening, reading, writing and also speaking.

If everyone joins this session every Sunday from different places and shares their thoughts, then everyone will get distant and even better new ideas. It is open for all ages, especially ages 9 to 90!

I would love to ask if you can help us raise this organisation.

With deep regard and respect, we look forward to your support.

Yours faithfully,
Tenzing Dhekyong,
Student of My Good School & Pestalozzi India

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