Sunday 16 October 2022

My Little Sin - Vani Pandey

I woke up at five to see,

A little flower waiting for me. 

Just outside my room's window,

On a quiet tall, and bushy willow.

It danced along the breeze happily,

As if asking me to join too!

So I stretched my arms to get it in,

Oh god, but I wish I knew!

That it would turn out to be a sin.

I brought the flower inside,

And asked it to dance with me.

But it just said nothing rather sighed,

Thinking it was tiring, I let it be.

The next morning I visited it again,

Just to find it dying in pain.

"Oh, poor flower, how should I save you. How should I dance just the wanted me to?"

But it said just said nothing,

For its breath had been taken away.

I woke up at five just to see,

A little dead flower who died for me.

Vani Pandey 


Gyanshree School 


Reflections Since 2021