Thursday 6 October 2022

We Survived! - Reveda Bhatt

Exactly three years back, on the same date in 2019, my Mom and I met in an accident, as I have mentioned in many of my writings earlier. It was totally unexpected for us but expected in the pages of our destiny, so it happened.

After we were hit and left unconscious on the road, a crowd gathered and out of nowhere came a lady who asked the spectators to put me in her car and hurriedly drove me to the hospital. My Mom was brought to the same hospital by someone else. It is supposed that I was much more hurt and had lost a lot of blood.

My family came to know after a call from my Aunt in the U.S., which somebody else picked up and informed them. My Mom’s and Dad’s families rushed there to find my Mom conscious, but I was not.

My medical stats- State- COMA

Injuries- Diffuse axonal injury (grade IV)

                Temporal lobe fractured

                Skull fractured

                Spine fractured (L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5)

                Pelvis fractured

                The right hand’s radius fractured

                The right leg’s tibia fractured

                Left leg’s tibia crushed.


A Doctor even said,” We don’t know when she’ll wake up, it could be 1 day, 1 month or 1 year, but she’ll not be the same.”

Technically, he wasn’t wrong because I’m not the same anymore.

I came back ALIVE braver, more robust and better!

Today, we call it my second birthday for this new birth and cut a cake.

Lastly, I do not feel that- it was a curse that we met with an accident on this date,

but as a blessing, we came back alive!

Reveda Bhatt

Grade IX
The Aryan School, Dehradun


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