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Autobiography of a school bus - Rishona Chopra

I am a bus. A school bus, to be precise. Unfortunately, I can not remember much. You see, I had gone through several surgeries, and that is why I don’t know much. Some think that I had gone through so many surgeries because of my carelessness. I assure you that my surgeries happened because of the selfish plans of some people. They wanted to make me beautiful and comfortable for them! They did not think about me at all. Now, you must be thinking, why didn’t I shout for help? I did call for help, but those selfish creatures did not listen to me.

Before my surgery, I called … Van. Then I was called Bus and then finally I was called a school bus. Despite all the pain I went through, I like only one thing. I want to meet children. Many children come and sit on me, and I love talking to them. They hate wearing my friend Seatbelt, but what can I do? Those cute little faces bring a smile to my face. That is indeed the best part of my job.

School Bus

Rishona Chopra Grade V Gyanshree School