Thursday 27 January 2022

E-waste - Aanya Kumar

We all know that there is a lot of waste on this earth. We can have kitchen waste, waste paper or maybe some waste furniture which is broken or something. But, did you know that there is a waste known as E-waste? This type of waste is obtained from the gadgets that are broken. We tend to throw these gadgets than replace the parts that are damaged. 

E-waste is harmful to our bodies. Although precious materials such as gold and platinum are stored, a few chemicals are toxic. Usually, kids are there for doing the necessary work, which affects their bodies tremendously. To save these children, let us decrease the discarding of gadgets. There are a few ways in which we do so-

We can replace parts that are damaged.

We can get it fixed and be ready to use it again.

We should give it proper servicing.

With these few easy techniques, we can reduce E-waste.

Aanya Kumar

Gyanshree School

Grade 5

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