Making others Happy - Shirin Kaw

Shirin Kaw, 8E, Ahlcon Public School

I am very passionate about writing stories and poems of what I imagine. Writing various stories and poems helps me express my thoughts on a piece of paper. It gives me a sense of calmness to my body and allows me to spend my free time productively. I also read many stories; I mainly enjoy fictional stories as I love imagination and creativity.

Making Others Happy -
Feeling good after doing a good deed,
Making one smile, the beatitude I perceive
Sunshine thrives over all the obstacles I face 

A second doesn't go by without thinking that face. 
It must have been a rough day, dealing with the strain 
A soul comes and hugs you, 
Makes your day an enchanting bouquet. 

Take a minute of your life,
There is something to redo, 
Make someone blush, and don't forget yourself too.


  1. Pleasure reading your piece of imagination.

  2. Very lovely poem. It shows your heart is pure.Keep writing.


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