Monday 3 January 2022

Find Your Calling - Arindita

Find Your Calling

Finding your calling is to find your true passion and skill. It can be anything, from dancing to studying etc. To find our calling, one needs to see what makes them happy. We often think certain jobs most likely give us success, which is not true. Forcing yourself to do something you do not like or wish to do will not bring you success. You need to find your calling or find the job that makes you happy, which feels like fun rather than work to you. Your calling can even be your hobby. 

I enjoy doing many things, but my calling is contortion and gymnastics. It did take me time to find my true calling; in fact, I found it only 2 months ago. The topic also relates to "It's Never Too Late" because, at first, I thought that I was too old to start contortion. People who do it usually begin from a young age because our bones tend to be more flexible when we are younger. I wasn't very flexible, and in fact, I was lazy too when I started, but I did not give up. After 2 months of intense stretching, I finally reached a part of my goal. I was amazed at my transformation as there was a big difference from what I used to be to what I am now. But still, it wasn't enough, and there is a lot more I need to work on. I plan to continue this goal till I become an expert at it!

Grade V
Gyanshree School

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