Thursday 27 January 2022

Never give up hope - Aanya Kumar

We, as humans, have been given hope for innovation. As creatures on this planet, we have been given hope of survival. But, we tend to lose hope many times. Jodi Miller was diagnosed with seizures when she was only three years old. 

The only cure for stopping this was removing half of her brain. Miller's parents could have given up... But they didn't. They chose to go to Dr Ben Carson. He made them understand that removing half of the brain has disadvantages, but it was the only solution.

Miller's parents thought to not give hope and help their child in some way than letting her have paralysis or seizures either. Soon Miller was ready to start over again. Miller aced in school and became very successful.

Just like Jodi's parents, we should not give up hope.

Aanya Kumar

Gyanshree Shree

Grade 5

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