Thursday 27 January 2022

A gift of Freedom - Bhavya Mahajan

Bhavya Mahajan,
7A, Ahlcon Public School

It was my birthday last week. But due to the pandemic, no one could come. So I thought of celebrating it differently by giving somebody a unique gift of Freedom. Before my birthday, I purchased a caged parrot for thousand rupees. The parrot was charming and adorable. On my special day, I gave him food and released it. The moment I opened the door of the cage, the parrot flapped its wings and happily soared high, away in the sky. After doing this good deed, I felt elated and satisfied. However, when my little sister saw that the parrot had flown away, she started crying. I explained to her that birds are born to fly free, and no one should steal their Freedom from them. It is a sin to trap them in a cage. Through this incident, I learnt that giving Freedom to somebody is the best gift we can provide. My little sister nodded and smiled.

I am an avid reader of mystery and fictional stories. I am fond of writing short stories, poems and articles to vent my thoughts and feelings. My hobbies include dancing and singing. I employ my creativity and imagination in making various art forms.


  1. Really great initiative and step Bhavya.

  2. This good deed not only emphasizes freedom but inspires many of us!


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