Monday 31 January 2022

Handling Pressure - Anusha Jain

Anusha Jain, IX, Ahlcon Public School
I am very fond of reading, and Harry
Potter is my favourite series.
Reflecting on Chapter 4, HandlingPressuree from the book Is Your Child Ready To Face The World? by Dr Anupam Sibal.


It’s no pressure. It’s a responsibility we put it on ourselves

-Abby Wambach    

Wambach’s quote describes pressure in my life. My parents are very understanding and supportive. They never forced me to score good marks or burn myself for winning. But, I always tried to excel and made them proud. If I failed, which I did many times, I would get upset. I don’t remember that my parents ever hit or scolded me for not securing full marks. ‘‘Better luck next time!’’ they would say.

For instance, even after working very hard, I had done terribly wrong in an exam. I cried and was disappointed. My mother gave me her comforting smile and encouraged me to try next time. This has taught me that if we don’t put unnecessaPressureure on children, they will take responsibility and give their best.

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