Wednesday 19 January 2022

Beating The Odds - Shambhavi Nautiyal


I absolutely agree with the chapter and how it describes our behaviour and self-consoling excuses. This seems quite relatable as I have seen this same thing going all around me while growing up. It still has not stopped, and people still do it. I’m not going to lie;this chapter shall help other students and children in becoming vigilant about how this habit of consoling ourselves of not achieving something because of a reason which may not even affect us.Eventually resulting in becoming a hurdle in the path of success. I too used to do this often whenever I messed up and regret my decision but, in all honesty, I’ll shall now try to not do that and handle the situations while just letting it go and do my utmost. This chapter showed aspects of the lives of different people(such as, Bethoven, Rolls Royce, Steven Spielberg, Jean- Dominique  Bauby) with distinct bodily disabilities which soon turned into their abilities, setting ideals for kids and many other aspirants. In my view this chapter gives the message of believing in ourselves, letting go of the fears and negative possibilities, dreaming about whatever we want to be or wish to do, and just try. 

We should never think that we can’t do something because of a body disability, a financial condition, support system, misfortune or anything which we cannot change.

Thank you!

Shambhavi Nautiyal
Grade VII
Ahlcon Public School

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