Monday 31 January 2022

Courage - Vinki Srivastava

Vinki Shrivastava, VI,
Ahlcon Public School
Courage is an innate superpower that lives inside us and that feeds on "I can and I will ". We are born out of courage. All throughout our lives, we are led to believe how certain things are made or work.

People believe women are weak and vulnerable. Women also start thinking that they are soft and tolerate a lot. But one day, when a woman stands up for herself and says it loud and clear that 'No, I am not weak'. It's the hidden power of courage inside her, which wakes her up, and she believes that she can and she will.

We all take birth, but we are born as humans the day we show courage to change the world.

I like to read quotes of great leaders as it gives shape to my thoughts. I have fun playing games from Skating and Swimming to Hopscotch and Ludo as they are full of fun. I think little things in life give us the most joy. I also love learning about computer languages. Acting is my goal.

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