Freedom - Hiyaan Shah

For me, absolute freedom is to be yourself. Childhood days are an essential part of life. But at this stage, parents keep the kids so occupied that we lose our freedom. But I am thrilled that my parents have balanced all my likes and the freedom to play and get down and run, which is my favourite. I make my friends run so much, and all get so tired that they sleep early at night on that particular day, and I will never forget this. One Freedom experience is I have shops below my house and whenever I am tempted or wish to buy something I ask my parents, and then I take little money from my savings and go and buy myself and show them. I permanently save cash and coins, which I find here and there in my wallet. You should enjoy your freedom and never hesitate to express your feelings as those who understand will never judge you, and those who believe will understand.

Name: Hiyaan Ishan Shah
Grade: 1
Billabong High International School, Thane


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