Sunday 23 January 2022

Freedom - Aayan Biswas

Aayan Biswas, VI-B, Ahlcon Public School
I have a hobby of reading books on fiction and mystical lands. I write stories and poems as I find writing the best way to express my feelings and tell people what I think. I really enjoy writing and reading as it is delightful.


He committed a crime and had paid a fine,

I went to jail and waited for bail.

He drove cars and ate a chocolate bar,

I trotted all day; even my birthday passed away.

He ate burgers and French fries,

I had eaten some bread and plain rice.

He had friends and family,

While I had no one beside me.

Framed me for a crime that he had done,

They didn’t let me say a word, not even one!

As I rotted in a black box,

He went hiking and climbed rocks.

I had soon lost all hope and might,

My life was all black and not a spot of white.

Suddenly, I saw a beautiful sight.

Justice was served, right and well,

I was freed, and he was confined.

Everything had changed after such a long time,

It felt as it was the first time the sun had shone!


  1. Wonderful! I enjoyed the piece to the heartful. Congratulations! Continue writing and make us proud.

  2. The above message is from Subhash Biswas.

  3. It's a really good poem.
    You could say ' It felt as it was the first time the sun had shone bright' in the last line.


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