Thursday 27 January 2022

Autobiography of socks - Rishona Chopra


I am a (sniffing) sock. You might think I have a cold as I sniff, and you are absolutely right. My job is to protect people from the cold, and I am so sincere with my job that I end up getting a cold myself. I have a wonderful uniform that has black and white patches on it and some sparkling glitter on it, so you can imagine how beautiful my uniform is! As I said, many people use me for keeping them protected from the cold. You must think I have an easy job, but I do not. People throw me into the washing machine when I get dirty, and that reckless creature throws water and foam on me! 

You might not like the people who stay in the dirt, but you will be stunned to know that I love them. Why? Well, dirty people wear me for a more extended period, so I don’t have to go in the washing machine and get a fever! I really don’t want to make myself ill. 


Rishona Chopra Grade V Gyanshree School

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