Sunday 16 January 2022

Making Others Happy - Rishona Chopra


Based on the chapter Making others happy from Is Your Child Ready to Face the World by Dr Anupam Sibal.

In the previous chapter, we read about Compassion. Little acts of Compassion can change someone’s life. The most beautiful act of Compassion that might look very small but is actually difficult is making someone happy. 

There are so many problems in life; I am not talking about those minor problems like a fight with someone or things like that. I am talking about significant issues like, at a very young age, a person had a severe illness and had to undergo several surgeries! That is a natural and essential problem. 

The key to making someone happy is simply hoping! In all tough times, all one needs is hope. Like in the above example, imagine what the child must be going through. What you can do is just give him hope that he can survive, and he will. If you can do that, then you are a doctor! Not one who heals people physically but one who heals people emotionally.

I have never done such a big act, but I have made a few people happy. When one of my friends got severely hurt and was crying, I helped her by giving her first aid and then giving her emotional strength as other children made fun of her for crying. I told her that it was ok; such things kept happening, making her happy.

The most significant act of kindness and Compassion can be making others happy, and the key to doing that is to give someone hope.

Rishona Chopra Grade V Gyanshree School

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