Wednesday 26 January 2022

Never Give Up Hope - Anvesha Rana


"Hope is the last thing ever lost."

Life is a unique journey filled with twists and turns, preaching and learning, hardships and mirth but the thing that remains constant in life is that we keep moving forward. In order to remain balanced on a cycle it is essential to continue pedaling, but how do we move on if all our energy has been already drained ? How do we overcome problems and welcome a new phase ? Sometimes in life we may feel dejected, we may feel as if we have lost a battle but it is in these dark moments that the mind unravels, turns the pages and creates a new future all because of hope. There is no medicine or tonic as powerful as hope. Hope is trust mixed with love and faith, along with belief. Hope can make someone live again, it can teach someone to smile again and it can inspire someone to be good again. 

Our history is a witness of people who demonstrated extraordinary hope. Professor Stephen Hawking is a name that demands not only appreciation but immense respect for achieving the impossible when all the odds were not in favor. Other people who taught us to be the same whether God is with us or not are Lorenzo, Augusto and Michaela Odone. They sent the message out loud that parents of children with ALD should not give up hope and expect their child to die, instead they should find ways to stop the spread of this fatal disease. Another girl Jody Miller suffered from RE, her only treatment was a radical surgery that involved removing half the brain. Her parents understood the need but they thrusted in all their efforts to make the surgery as safe as possible, today Jody is a school teacher and lives a wonderful life. 

When we look at children suffering from rare diseases, we see that each day is a torture, each injection is pain and every hospital looks no different than death yet these young kids put on a brave face and smile, yet they seek the day when they will recover and yet they wait for the moment when they will also be able to do things normally. When such kids can understand the meaning of life, when they can keep hope and anticipate a fun day, why can't we ? 

Anvesha Rana, 
Gyanshree School

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