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Positivity - Rishona Chopra

If you reflect on your day and think how many times you think the answer would surely be ' many times but then when you think how many times you had positive thoughts the answer would be ' a few times. But the question is why have positivity? How can it affect us?

Firstly, what we think is what we do and as we do the consequences are equal and if that then it is most likely to happen than what we think comes true. But that might not sound like something you would actually believe in so let us take a look at it in another way:

Imagine you wishing that you would pass your exam but thinking you never can. Now, when you think that you never can pass your exam then you don't try harder, you have lost hope and when that is then you are sure to fail even when you could pass. Even if you worked very hard but thought that you will never pass then you could fail too. On the other hand, if you worked hard and also thought that you can pass the exam then you could pass!

So working hard and thinking positively both are important. 

Rishona Chopra
Grade V
Gyanshree School


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