Wednesday 19 January 2022

Freedom - Somnath Sengupta

The word “Freedom” has a different meaning for different people. For some, Freedom means to go anywhere they want; for some others, it means to think freely, and for some, it means to do what they want to do. The work Freedom has a lot of importance for our country India. India was under British rule for more than 300 years, and many people sacrificed their lives for our country's Freedom.

From the time I understood, I always heard a story from my parents regarding our pet parrot. My father had a pet parrot, and she was called “Meethi”. She was there at our house when she was just a few days old. She was very loved and pampered, and unlike other parrots, she used to have breakfast with my father and enjoyed folds like maggie and aloo paratha. Everyone told my parents that birds like parrots cannot be tamed, and they love their Freedom and will not even think to fly away whenever she gets a chance. Days passed by, and Meethi grew up to be a beautiful parrot. When I was a few months old, there was a massive storm and a lot of damage. All the glass windows of our house were broken. The glass window in the balcony where Meethi lived in her treehouse was also broken.

As I heard from my parents, both of them were busy putting things into place, without even realizing that Meethi was not speaking at all. When they went to check Meethi, they were shocked. Meethi was no longer in her treehouse. The glass window was broken, and she flew away. This is the importance of Freedom; she forgot all the comforts, love, and pampering and the moment she got the Freedom to fly in the open sky, she did not even think for a moment.

This is the meaning of Freedom, something which is dear to human beings and every living being.

Somnath Sengupta
Grade VI
Ahlcon Public School

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