Tuesday 8 February 2022

Autobiography of a curtain - Rishona Chopra

 Hi! I am a curtain. The most beautiful one you've ever seen. Hey! Don't think I am boasting; I am actually adorable. I have zig-zag patterns on my skin, and most important of all, I am transparent. That doesn't mean I am a ghost. I mean, you can see through my skin.

At the back, I have a window behind me, through which I can see beautiful sights. But there are a few disadvantages too. Firstly, the window is facing towards my back! So I can't really see the pictures unless a brilliant person puts me the other way! That way, I can enjoy, but those people are pretty few. They are hard to find. So that was my life with problems and problems.

Rishona Chopra
Grade V
Gyanshree School

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