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Friendship - Aarohi Bumtariya

Hmmm, what does friendship mean? Let me tell you what it does. Friendship means making close friends. For example, I have a friend named Amayra. She had been only in pre-nursery with me. I am in grade 3 now. Still, she is my friend. That is called true friendship.

I have lots of other friends too. There are trees, plants, birds and animals. All help us in one or the other way. We also help them. This tells us that in friendship, one must help the other.

That’s yet not done. I also have Aryama and Janya. They have helped me many times. Friendship does not only mean helping each other but also having fun. Janya, Aryama, Amayra and I went to a resort to stay together as well!!! Not only that but we went cycling together in Biodiversity Park too! It was fun.

May it be the sun, the moon, the clouds, nature or children. They are all my friends. I love and care for all of them.

Aarohi Bumtariya
Grade III
Gyanshree School


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