Wednesday 2 February 2022

Friendship - Janya Mathur

My best friends are trees. My friend the tree helps me in many things, such as giving me oxygen, food, furniture and shelters for my other friends - the animals. 

One day I went on a trip with my family. As it was very sunny, I found a tree and told my father to take a rest under the tree, but suddenly I saw my animal friends! I saw monkeys and birds, so we gave them some food. 

I have two more friends; they are Aryama and Aarohi. One day I went for a picnic with my friends and family, including Aryama and Aarohi. I was walking on the path, and suddenly a stone appeared, but I didn't see it, and I slipped off. Aryama turned, picked me up and then she called my mother. 

Aarohi, on the other hand, had helped me when I was in school. Three years ago, I couldn't tie my shoe, so Aarohi came and said, 'let me help you, then she helped me. These two friends of mine are beautiful, strong, brave, truthful and sincere. 

Friendship is lovely, so tell your friends that you are precious!


Thank you!!!

Janya Mathur

Grade 3  Gyanshree School

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