Saturday 19 February 2022

Friendship - Rananjay Rajput

Friendship is Fun and Glory!

In friendship, there is no thank you, no sorry, 

There is only fun and glory. 

I called my friend, 

And told him to come down,

 But he gave me a frown.

 Said he was making a video on the new trend!

 I messaged another buddy,

 Who I thought was always ready.

 I told him to come and play,

 He replied that his face had turned grey!

 I then ringed my best friend,

 Who used to always study.

 But surprisingly he said, “ok I'm ready buddy!”

 He asked me, “what are you going to play?”

 I said “football”, 

And he said, “sorry it's not my day”.

 I was very angry with all my friends.

 The inquisitive, the sick and the one who always tries trends,

 But tomorrow again, I realized that,

 In friendship, there is no thank you, no sorry,

 There is only fun and glory! 

Dedicated to all my friends!! 

Name: Rananjay Rajput

Grade: 5A

Billabong High International School, Thane


  1. Dear Rananjay, Amazing words and they rhyme so good. It's so true what you have written. Keep it up. You are simply so good.

  2. Love reading your poems. Keep them coming !


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