Thursday 17 February 2022

Friendship -Tanvi Kumar

The best gift is to have an honest friend.

Friendship in my life means a person’s trust, love and affection for another person. Friends are our gift from God. Our family, especially, siblings are our best friends. A true friend always helps us without expecting the same from us. Friends accept us as we are; they don’t want to change our nature.

I want to share some experiences with my friends –

·       While I was new to Gyanshree School, I made new friends. They never let me feel new; they always talked to me and made me feel comfortable.

·       When I was in DPS Indra Puram, I had a lot of friends; we visited each other’s house for birthday parties and had a great time.

I want to share a poem –


Friends are lovely, 

Never let us feel lonely,

Sometimes they tell in maths how to solve wisely,

Sometimes they tell the experiment nicely,

Sometimes they tell how to dance,

And always give us their chance,

Because they are friends, 

A lot of time with us they spend.

Tanvi Kumar
Grade III
Gyanshree School

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