Thursday 3 February 2022

Friendship - Advita Chauhan

Friends, I will tell you my experiences of friendship. My first friend and my best friend in my class is Anika. Now with her help , everyone has become my friend. Today I will tell you about Anika and my experience. We became friends online via our laptops.

One day at 7o'clock we planned to meet on google, then I said – "Anika, today I want to play something new. My mother made a game of money. Let's play that." Then Anika said, "Ok, Advita, let's play your game." We started playing this game.

Do you know how we play this game?
I took a paper, then I became a shopkeeper, Anika became a customer, and we exchanged money. We learn new things with each other by exchanging our ideas and thoughts.

We talk to each other, and we like each other's company. I am happy that I have a friend like Anika. 

Now I will share a poem with you:
 The beginning of a beautiful friendship

One day while I was playing, a knock came on the door. 
I saw a little girl peeping from the hole. 
She said take me in your game,
And make me your friend. 
I will listen to everything,
Just make me your friend. 
I said, come in, no need to worry. 
We are your friend, don't cry, my buddy.
Then we both played, 
And our friendship stayed,
That's how our beautiful company was made!!

Advita Chauhan
Grade III
Gyanshree School

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