Sunday 6 February 2022

True Friendship - Aiyra Jain

There was a boy named Aryan. He had a friend named Omran. They had a strong friendship. One day they went to Oliva's birthday party. Oliva was their classmate; she loved Omran but not Aryan. After an hour, she saw that Aryan and Oman were best friends. She decided to break their friendship. She snuck into Aryan's home and cleverly took the phone and sent a few furious videos of Omran to her email ID. She showed them to Omran at lunch, who was shocked and stopped talking to his best friend! Seeing that, Aryan stopped eating. Looking at his condition, his parents took him to another city and settled there. 

He transferred to a new school and made a new best friend,' Aditya'. His new best friend was very caring. Their friendship was more robust. By chance, Omran learned what Olivia did and found Aryan. He got to know about Aryan's new best friend. He realised his mistake and moved on.

Aiyra Jain
Grade III
Gyanshree School

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