Thursday 24 February 2022

Gratitude - Aanya Kumar

Gratitude is a life-changing act of kindness. We should be thankful for all we have. There are some less-fortunate people who don’t even have blankets to wear in the cold weather in winters. It is believed that if we thank for something even before having it, God will be kind enough to grant us the same. One incident stated by Doctor Sibal is of a girl who was the part of a project he organized.

The girl got to know that the winner would get a Blackberry Phone. She stated the same to Dr. Sibal. The doctor had finished reading the famous book ‘THE MAGIC’ by Rhonda Byrne. He told her if she thanked for it before-hand she surely will win it. Before the lucky-draw the girl told the doctor that she had thanked God many times for the phone and hoped to win it. She finally was declared as the winner. 

So, let us take the oath to thank God for all we have got because  gratitude is a vital virtue for a successful life.

Aanya Kumar
Gyanshree School

Grade 5


  1. A very powerful opening statement, Aanya!

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