Sunday 20 February 2022

My life is beautiful - Gratitude!


My life is beautiful because of my connection with God. He probably thought I was a bit stubborn but could quickly learn, so he gave me a happy life with few challenges! 
Rishona Chopra
Grade V
Gyanshree School

I have much to thank my parents and God for doing so much for me and guiding me in the right direction. Because of that, I am living this beautiful life happily.
Arav Agrawal
Grade V
Billabong High International School

My life is beautiful because of the little things. It may be a simple dinner with my family or seeing the flowers in my garden grow that might lift up my spirits. Each new day brings the opportunity to do something different and unique. We all are so trapped in this vicious cycle of work and pressure that we often miss out on those little things that matter the most. It doesn't count whether you can go to your child's graduation ceremony or not, but what makes a difference is if you can guide your child when he is lost in the sea. Little needn't always mean happiness; it might be your breakdown before a big performance or your tears when you recall old friends. I have learned that the little things help us define ourselves, and when we look back on them, they just remind us how truly blessed we are. Enjoy the little things because one day, when we look back, we will realize that they were the big things.
Anvesha Rana
Grade IX
Gyanshree School

My life is beautiful because of many things. My parents are always loving me and taking care of me. My friends are my companions and never hesitate to help me or share something. My life is beautiful because of my other family, including my grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles. Along with this, the daily everyday items that I own make my life colourful and beautiful.
Vihaan Mittal
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

I have much to thank my family for everything because of what they have done for me. No matter how many ups and downs we have faced, they have always been there for me. Before I make decisions, I go to them for my advice. They have always been there to support me in every step of my life.
Anoushka Vinod
Grade 6
Gyanshree School 

My life is beautiful because of my lovely family and everything I own. I am also grateful to my friends because they have always been by my side and supported me.
Yashraj Sharma
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

I feel blessed to have caring parents that give so much love and think for me all the time. My little sister loves me so much that she only cares for me. I feel like I have the best family. Loving aunts that adore me so much. Grandparents that give me my favourite books all the time. I am fortunate to have a sweet family.
Ahlcon Public School
Aayan Biswas
Grade 6

Life is beautiful because of tiny and small things we ignore sometimes. It can be a family dinner or dinner with our friends. It can be a morning breakfast or a delicious lunch. But there is one thing I love to do every day: playing. Though my hobby is sports, I love to play with my friends. All the screen times and quality times with my family is beautiful.
Pravar Kasma
Grade VII
Gyanshree school

My life is beautiful because of my friends and family, as they have done a lot for me. If they weren't supporting me, I wouldn't have achieved much. I wish my family and close friends live with me for many more years to keep supporting and standing with me.
Vernica Wadhwa
Gyanshree School
Grade 6

Life is beautiful just the way it is for me. I need nothing more and nothing less.
Avni Kochhar
Grade IV
Gyanshree School

My life is beautiful because I have children of all ages interacting with me every day of my life!
Brinda Ghosh
Principal Gyanshree

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