Monday 14 February 2022

Friendship - Aryama Shukla

Life is a long journey, and your friends make it more cheerful. When you're sad, your friends make you smile, laugh and giggle and make your life fun. They help you to avoid obstacles in life. They support you when you are in need, and you should too. Not only that, but they also play with us and encourage us to do the right thing. We are stronger together. Some of my good friends are Janya, Mishika and Aarohi. They have the power to make me happy just by talking to me!

 Besides humans, I have other friends too, some of them are animals and books. When I am in my house, I usually get bored. One day,  when I went to visit my big brother. I saw a dog !! He was named Jacky, and he was white in colour. I loved to play with him. He was very soft. Even though I cannot understand his language(he can't understand my language too :) ), my younger brother, my elder brother and I always understood him. I loved to go to my big brother's house to meet Jacky from then onwards.

 Let me tell you a small story about how books became my friends. I was getting bored one day, so I asked my mother, "What should I do, Mom". My mother said, "Beta read books. They will become your best friends, and you will never get bored throughout your life". After some days I tried to read a book, slowly I started reading at a faster pace, and from then the journey of reading books started. I now love reading books :). That is how books became my friends.  

Aryma Shukla
Grade III
Gyanshree School

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