Monday 7 February 2022

Friendship - Arindita

Friendship is a bond between two people that can never fall apart if it is trueIt is when you and another person feel comfortable and happy when you are together

A friend will never let you feel lonely
It is essential to have friends as they will give you company in your journey. You may often have friends that you do not talk to anymore or ones that you may have forgotten about. Sometimes when you or your friend are shifting to a new place or city, you both may feel upset to not be together anymoreBut friendship doesnt end hereEven if you two are not close or apart, a true friendship will still find a way to continue

If you have a true friend, they would never leave you or judge you by your colour, figure, money etc
. They will always be by your side, no matter whatWith a true friend, you wouldnt need to find a reason to smile; you would already have it.

My elder sister is my Best Friend as I always feel free to talk to her tell her everything and all of my feelings that I dont feel free to tell someone elseWe laugh together at random things; we talk about what we think about othersWe NEVER run out of topics. We also watch Peppa pig togetherI always wish that we never fall apartWe also have fights, which is always common between friends.

The most valuable gift you can receive is an honest friend-Stephen Richards.

Grade V-A
Gyanshree School

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