Wednesday 2 February 2022

Friendship - Arnav Chawla

Once I was walking on the road, I saw a beggar. Out of curiosity, I started noticing his lifestyle. He slept on cardboard, he didn’t have many clothes, and I could feel his loneliness. I asked him if he had any friends or relatives to talk to. Surprisingly, he didn’t know the meaning of friendship! I told him that the importance of this term is a friendly relationship where people are friendly and care for each other. He happily agreed to be my friend. After that, we both used to talk. I managed to give him a job in my office as an assistant, and a year later he became the manager! We are still friends and shall always be.

Never see how rich or poor a person is; see their heart. They may also think that I should have someone to talk to, play with, and share my feelings. Just like that beggar, oh sorry, the manager needed a friend. 

Arnav Chawla 
Grade V
Gyanshree School


  1. I really liked your post. Whatever you told about friendship is a very good thing. Friendship sees neither poor nor rich. just be a good friend who cares


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