Thursday 10 February 2022

Friendship - Anika Mishra

Hello everyone, today I am going to tell you about my friends. My friends are Advita Priyadarshini and Udaytam. We all are best friends, and we talk to each other. Advita helped me understand a topic taught in class, Priyadarshini taught me how to cook, and Udaytam helped me learn how to ride a bicycle.

Apart from them, my friends are trees, as they give us lots of things like vegetables, fruits, oilseeds and wood. We make oil from oilseeds, eat fruits and vegetables, and from wood, make furniture like beds, tables, and chairs.

My friends are also animals. They are adorable. I always wanted a pet. There are lots of pet animals like cats and dogs. They also help us like a cat eats rats so there are no rats in our house and dogs help us when we are out and a thief or stranger comes, it scares them away.

I like my friends as they help me a lot, especially in tough times, and if they need me, I will help them too.  

Anika Mishra

Grade III Gyanshree School

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