Friday 18 February 2022

Friendship - Bhakti Gupta

"Though miles may lie between us, we are never far apart, for friendship doesn't count miles; it's measured by the heart." – Pratham Bhansali. 

I came to Gyanshree School at four in the nursery for the first time. I made a friend whose name is Khwahish. I made more friends, but Khwahish and I shared a special bond. And even now, we do things simultaneously, think the same thoughts, and read each other's minds! But the most important thing is that we both rely on each other and trust each other. We can share all our secrets and never feel insecure about it. We have different likes and dislikes, and we have different opinions, but we don't care for we love each other. From the age of 4 till today, when we have turned 9, we continue to be the best of friends, and I am sure we will always be. I would like to end by sharing a quote on friendship by Helen Keller that applies to our relationship - "True friends are never apart, maybe in the distance but never in heart."

Bhakti Gupta
Grade IV
Gyanshree School


  1. Amazing! What a beautiful way to describe friendship. Well done Bhakti!

  2. Wow Bhakti.. very true expression of friendship.. May God bless you and your friendship 🤝😍


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