Sunday 13 February 2022

Be the change - Pravar Kasma


"Change your thoughts, and you change the world."
                                         - Norman Vincent Peale

What is this chapter about? What do we need to do to make someone change?

This chapter is about change. We all need to change in some or the other thing. Sometimes we need a shift in home appliances, furniture, behaviour, etc. Let me tell you a story of Mahatma Gandhi, which I read in 6th grade. It was based on Mahatma Gandhi's Ashram. The people staying there needed to do chores across the ashram, but no one was doing that, so Gandhi Ji thought of a fantastic idea to change them; Mahatma Gandhi did the tasks they needed to do. He led by example. A true leader always leads through an example. He did the chores even though he suffered from any health issues. The other people saw him do the tasks, and they started to change and do their duties.

From this chapter, I learn that we need to change ourselves before changing someone else. It is a fantastic chapter written by the author.

Pravar Kasma
Grade VII D
Gyanshree School

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